Hello. Welcome to Jeju-island. We are going to provide you a information about accommodation you may need while IAME 2022 in Jungmun, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-island. Please access the site as follows and find the room you need.

Here are the steps for finding accommodations.

1. Visit the site name ‘VISITJEJU’ –

2. At the upside of page, click ‘Lodgings’

3. Now, you can see some table on page. Select the category you want in table.

4. Under the table, there is a button with ‘select on map (All)’ written on it. Click the button and you can see a map.

5. On the map, click the region which has ‘Jungmun’ written on it.

6. Now you can see accommodations for you!


About Us

LOTTE HOTEL JEJU, located in a perfect spot where the blue sea surrounding the island blends perfectly with the blue sky above, is a leading hotel in South Korea where you can enjoy some heavenly rest and many activities during your trip. In addition to the outdoor spa pool “He:on” open all year round that resembles the warm sea of Jeju, we also have a variety of other facilities ranging from our multi-play area “PlayTopia”, to multiple restaurants in which guests can enjoy a gourmet tour.


LOTTE HOTEL JEJU always offers comfort and coziness that make you feel like you’re in your own home.

• Sophisticated interior and wide space

• A fine view of a beautiful outdoor garden and the emerald-colored sea

• He:on Bedding System adopted for ultimate comfort (co-developed by Simmons)


LOTTE HOTEL JEJU offers a terrace dinner with a beautiful sunset view and an exotic pool bar.

• THE CANVAS : An all-day-dining restaurant for enjoying assorted worldwide cuisine

• Peninsula : It's a bar & lounge where you can enjoy sweet desserts, cocktails, and whiskey

Banquet & Conference

LOTTE HOTEL JEJU is equipped with banquet halls indoors and outdoors for holding large-scale international events, seminars, family gatherings, concerts and various


• Crystal Ballroom, the biggest banquet hall of the Jeju Jungmun Resort

• An outdoor reception place

• Modern conference rooms with advanced facilities


LOTTE HOTEL JEJU is equipped with various styles of space where guests can enjoy the best rest around Jeju`s natural surroundings and children can enjoy fun in special


• A four-season luxurious outdoor spa & garden he:on in a romantic and fantastic atmosphere

• Kids World, a kids` multi-experience play space for family tourists

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Lotte Hotel Jeju

Host City; Jeju

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak (UNESCO World Natural Heritage)

Self introductionWhere You Can View the Beauty of the Coast
More informationOct to Feb: 07:30 ~ 19:00 (ticketing closing 17:50) / Mar to Sep: 07:00 ~ 20:00 ( ticketing closing 19:00), Closed on the first Monday of every month
Hours of operation Weekday : 07:30 ~ 19:30 , Weekend : 07:30 ~ 19:30
Fare InformationPaid
Place CharacteristicsOutdoor
Main PurposeMountain Climbing
Average turnaround timeLess than 1 hour
Slope (difficulty)High
FacilitiesPublic Parking,Cash Payment,Credit Card Payment,Restrooms,Free WiFi,Convenience Store,Beverage Stand,Guidance and Information Facilities,Alarm and Evacuation Facilities,Maternity Facilities
Other detailsUNESCO World Natural Heritage,UNESCO Global Geopark

Hallasan Mountain

Self introductionThe Treasure of Jeju, Recognized by UNESCO, and a Roe Deer Sanctuary
More informationHours and trails open and close with the season, so please consult the website before departing.
Fare InformationFree
FacilitiesPublic Parking,Restrooms,Convenience Store,Beverage Stand
Other detailsUNESCO Biosphere Reserve Area,UNESCO World Natural Heritage,UNESCO Global Geopark

Manjanggul Lava Tube (UNESCO World Natural Heritage)

Self introductionA Natural Lava Tube Which Formed When Underground Lava Flowed Toward the Sea
More information09:00 - 18:00
Hours of operation Weekday : 09:00 ~ 18:00 , Weekend : 09:00 ~ 18:00
FacilitiesPublic Parking,Cash Payment,Credit Card Payment,Restrooms,Free WiFi,Convenience Store,Beverage Stand
Other detailsUNESCO Global Geopark

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Host Country; Korea

Interests in Korea, triggered by the series of success of leading Korean dramas and pop music, are prominently growing amongst global citizens. Hangeul (Korean alphabet), hanshik (Korean food), hanbok (Korean traditional clothing), hanok (Korean traditional house), hanji (Korean traditional paper) and Korean music are collectively referred to as “Han Style,” attracting many.


The Korean alphabet is a very scientific writing system that has been designated by UNESCO as an important part of the Memory of the World Heritage. As a result of the Korean Wave and Korea's economic prosperity, the desire to learn hangeul and the Korean language is


Korean food continues to gain popularity throughout the world for its incredible health benefits.


The focus of attention when Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace), a TV drama on royal court cuisine, became popular in Asia. Modifications of the exquisite colours and designs of the hanbok are also used as motifs in all Korean-style designs.


Many international visitors show great interests in the traditional Korean home, hanok as they want to experience ondol, the Korean floor heating system that is very effective in the cold winter. Ondol is an important aspect of Korea’s unique architectural style, and has brought floor heating into vogue globally.


Hanji is a traditional form of paper that can last for over one thousand years and is known for its outstanding quality and elegant designs. The paper draws attention not only for record-keeping purposes but also for interior decoration and for its uses in paper wrapping.

Hanguk Eumak

Traditional Korean music that has slow-rhythm and sentimental lyrics that epitomise the sad history of Korea. Such unique Korean sentiments had significant influence on Korean popular music and drama and are an important driver of the Korean Wave.

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