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By Bus

Go to Platform 2, Floor 1, International and Domestic Terminals of Gimhae International Airport and take City Bus 307. Please refer to the time and route guide below.

Airport Limousine bus
Bus stop Bus Travel Time First
Interval Fare
N0 2 307
(To Haeundae)
1 hour 30 min 05:15 23:20 14~18 mins. KRW 1,300
Route Guide
International Terminal – Domestic Terminal – Hwabong-dong Entrance – Airport Entrance – Light Rail Transit Deokdu Station – Ganseo Bright Center – Deunggu Viilage – Sindeok Village – Sindeok Samgoeri – Gangseo Sports Park – Daejeo Fire House – Gangseo gu Office – Gangseo-hu Office Station – Buk-gu Office – Gupo Samgeori – Gupo Station – Gupo Traditional Market – Deokcheon Station – Sukdeung Station – Gupo Telephone Office – Namsanjeong Station – Mandeok Catholic Church – Mandeok Station – Hwasin Apt. – Gwanghye Hospital – Dongnae Lucky Apt. – Megamart Dongnae Branch – Suan-yeong – Dongnae Traditional Market – Nagmin-Yeog – Allak Post Office(Allak Station) – Dongnae KEPCO – Tranchae Apt. – Annam Elementary School – Togok Hanyang Apt. – Busan Fire Department Traffic information Center – Suyeonggang Prugio Apt. – Gwajeong-Gyo – Busan Cultural Center Complex – Centum Station – Centum Middle School – SK Telecom – Busan Community Media Center, KNN Broadcasting Corporation – Lotte Department Store Centum City Branch – Bexco – Haegang Middle & High School – Yacht Stadium, Gyeongnam Marina Apartment - Daewoo Marina Apt. – Dongbaekseom Island Entrance – Haeundae Beach – Grand Josun Busan

By Subway

  • Exit through Gate 3 and cross the crosswalk and go right for 30m you will be at the Light Rail ‘Airport Station’(Purple Line).
  • Fare : KRW 2,000
  • Duration : About 1 hour
  • The way to visit
    1. On at Airport Station
    2. Transfer to line 2 (Green Line) at Sasang Station
    3. Off at Centum City Station to get to BEXCO, Centum Hotel and Centum Premier Hotel
    4. Exit No.1, Centum City Station and walk approximately 50m to BEXCO
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By Taxi

Alternatively, participants can take a Regular Taxi or a Deluxe Taxi to the venue. To take a taxi, please use the taxi stop in front of the passenger terminal of Gimhae Domestic Airport.

Airport Limousine bus
Category Duration Fare Estimates (KRW)
Regular Taxi 40-50 min KRW 25,000
Deluxe Taxi 40-50 min KRW 45,000

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