Industry/Special Session

The Foreign Scholar Invitation Seminar
Organized by Korea Maritime Institute and Korea Shipowners’ Association / Date: September 15(Thu), 2022 / Time: 15:00~18:00 / Venue: 314-316 Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO

Moderator: Hyongmo Jeon, Director, Korea Maritime Institute, Korea

[Opening Remarks]

Jong-Deog Kim, President, Korea Maritime Institute, Korea

[Foreign Scholars] Prospects and responses to domestic and international shipping ports after COVID-19

Dong-Wook Song, Professor, World Maritime University, Sweden
Meng Qiang, Professor, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Y.H. Venus Lun, Director, Logistics & Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre, Hong Kong
Gordon Wilmsmeier, Researcher, Kühne Logistics University, Germany
Roar Adland, Professor, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Norway
Kap-Hwan Kim, Professor, Zhejiang University, China

[Experts] Current status and future plans for the shipping and port economy.
The basic task of the headquarters (research methodology), Entrustment tasks (current status and meaning of government policies).
- Byoung-Wook Ko, Director, Korea Maritime Institute, Korea
- ChanHo Kim, Director, Korea Maritime Institute, Korea
- Paul Tae-Woo Lee, Professor, Zhejiang University, China

[Discussion] Moderator: Young-tae Chang, Chair, Conference Committee of IAME 2022, Korea

- Jan Hoffmann, Head of Trade Logistics, UNCTAD, Switzerland
- Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Professor, Hofstra University, USA
- Thanos Pallis, President, International Association of Maritime Economists(IAME), Greece
- Seong-Hyeok Moon, Professor, World Maritime University, Sweden

Development of Cold chain Information Management and Real-time monitoring system
Organized by Inha University / Date: September 15(Thu), 2022 / Time: 11:00~14:00 / Venue: 314-316 Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO

Background: Jungseok Research Institute of International logistics and Trade (JRI) was selected as the lead agency for ‘cold chain status information management and real-time monitoring system establishment technology development’ among a total of eight tasks of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s ‘2021 high value-added convergence logistics delivery and infrastructure innovation technology development project’. JRI would like to organize a special session to share and expand research findings on cold chain monitoring.

1. China's Cold Chain Policy and Market Analysis
- Dr. Jin-Young Hong(JRI), Chen Ying(Inha University)

2. Status and issues of Korean food cold chain industry
- Dr. Ha-neul Han(JRI), Ha-Young Ryu(Inha University), Soo-Jung Yang(nLogis)

3. Pharmaceutical cold chain trends and major issues
- Dr. Nala Shin(JRI), Mr. Jung-Soo Park(GC Cell)

4. Blockchain-based data platform and monitoring system for cold chain logistics
- Mr. Ki-Woong Song(Syszone)

Safety and Security in the Maritime Industries
Organized by Law of the Sea Research Division, KMI / Date: September 16(Fri), 2022 / Time: 12:00~13:30 / Venue: 314-316 Exhibition Center 1, BEXCO

Moderator: Young Kil Park, Director, Law of the Sea Research Division, KMI

1. Perspectives on Proposed Low-Impact Shipping Corridors for Safe Navigation in Canadian Arctic Waters
- Aldo Chircop, Professor, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University, Canada

2. Civil Liability and Detailed Safety and Security Rules
- Andrew Tettenborn, Professor, School of Law, Swansea University, U.K.

3. Accepting a Cruise Ship whose Passengers/Crew Members were Infected by COVID-19: An Example of the Diamond Princess incident in 2020
- Kentaro Furuya, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan Coast Guard Academy

4. SLOC Issues in East Asia from the Geopolitical and Legal Perspectives
- Young-hoon Min, Senior Researcher, KMI and Hyun-wook Jung, Senior Researcher, KMI

Prospects and Future of the Northern Sea Route
The contents will be uploaded soon.

IAME 2022 Conference

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