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Korea Maritime Institute (KMI)

KMI is a government-funded research institute established under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Office to contribute to the formulation of national policies in maritime and fisheries affairs to boost the national economy.

KMI started out in 1984, comprehensively and systematically investigating and researching the full range of problems related to the marine and fisheries sector, including the oceans, marine products, ocean shipping & maritime affairs, and port logistics. As a result, KMI has grown into a major research institution in the maritime and fisheries fields. Korea’s maritime and fisheries business community has been feeling a sense of crisis in recent years, with the collapse of Hanjin Shipping in 2017 and declining fisheries resources and other factors. At the same time, the industry is being challenged to respond swiftly and systematically to rapidly changing political, economic, and social conditions.

To overcome such risks in the maritime and fisheries sector, KMI aims to conduct innovative and preemptive research as a policy think-tank. Our mid-term goal is to start anew and join the ranks of world’s Top 5 research institutions by 2025. To this end, we will ensure our work satisfies the standards for academic excellence and practical application.

All KMI personnel are hard at work, preemptively responding to ever-changing external and internal conditions, to include the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution and shrinking global economy and trade. We will spare no effort in our mission to conduct multi-faceted research that strengthens the international competitiveness of Korea’s maritime and fisheries industry while helping to create a new, value-added business segment.

Shanghai International Shipping Institute (SISI)

Based on the construction of the Shanghai International Shipping Center, SISI serves as an international shipping research platform by connecting international shipping organizations, enterprises and colleges. SISI communicates with domestic and foreign experts, tracks new concepts, technologies, trends, and systems of global shipping development, and grasps changes in the international shipping market. SISI will continue to contribute to the development of China's shipping industry and the construction of the Shanghai International Shipping Center.

SISI is a research and consulting organization in the field of international shipping industry development. It provides decision-making consultation and information services to the Chinese government, domestic and foreign enterprises, and shipping agencies. SISI has a research team of more than 20 core researchers, among whom many team leaders and senior researchers possess senior professional titles and doctoral degrees.

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