Hybrid Presentation

Every speaker should send a presentation file via email at iame2022@kmi.re.kr until August 31, 2022.

Please prepare your presentation file before the commencement of the conference in accordance with the guidelines.

File Download

Guideline for Speakers PT Template

  Presentation Guideline: Physical Presentation Guideline: Webinar (Online)
Presentation time 10 minutes Presentation + 5 minutes Live Q&A 10 minutes Presentation + 5 minutes Live Q&A
File extension PDF(recommended) or MS-PowerPoint format MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI (Audio must be embedded.)
(Please check the sound and background noise.)
Aspect ratio 16:9 (widescreen) 16:9 (widescreen)
File title Paper Category _ Paper ID _ Presenter name(Fist name Family name)
ex) A1_SUB-0001_Gildong Hong
Paper Category _ Paper ID _ Presenter name(Fist name Family name)
ex) A1_SUB-0001_Gildong Hong
How to submit
• Send a presentation file via email
• Submit your file to the staff of Preview Room before session starts.
• Send a presentation file via email
• In case of network instability, please submit your presentation materials beforehand. (by August 31)
How the session will go • Given the Zoom live streaming, please arrive in the session room at least 15 minutes before the session.
• Make sure your presentation materials do not have compatibility issues beforehand.
• Presentation and Q&As are to be done on site.
• Access Zoom at least 15 minutes before your session starts to check the video and audio connection (Korea Standard Time).
• Introduce yourself, and the staff on site will play your pre-recorded presentation video.
• After the video playback, take Q&As in real time on Zoom.
Remark • To keep the sessions running to the set schedule and to allow possible questions from the audience, it is very important to keep presentation within the allocated time.
• Any standard fonts provided by MS Office may be used. If not, please attach the font file(s) with the presentation file.
• Please check your presentation file in advance of your presentation to ensure your file works properly.
• If your presentation file contains animations or movies, you are advised to check over technical matters 3 hours prior to your session.
• All sessions will be proceeded in real time on Zoom.(Based on the Korea Standard Time)
• We recommend that you check the network before the session starts.
  [Preview Room]
•Please visit the Preview room located in Room 211 on second floor at Exhibition Center, BEXCO at least one (1) hour prior to the commencement of your scheduled session.
•Our staffs and technicians will assist you to review and upload your presentation slides.
• 09:00 – 18:00, Aug 14(Wed) – 16(Fri)
• Place: Exhibition Center # 211
[How to pre-recording]
• Please note “Step by Step Pre-recording” on the next page
• Please refer to the video “Recording Locally On Your Computer” below.

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