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The authors can find the Template of full papers and extended abstract here. The International Scientific Committee will evaluate the submitted full papers and extended abstracts on their originality, quality, and significance of theoretical and/or practical contribution to maritime economics and practice.

Please carefully review the guidelines below before submitting your full papers or extended abstract.

* Full papers and extended abstract must be submitted online at our website ( Please note that full paper or extended abstract submitted by fax, postal mail or email will not be accepted.

Steps for Submitting Full Papers and Extended Abstracts

Full paper and extended abstract can be conveniently submitted via the electronic submission system (

Step 1. Sign-up or Log-in

Click the “Submission → Online Submission" button and sign-up or log in to begin the submission process. The corresponding author must sign up for the system with the representative email. All emails, including feedback and registration, are sent to the corresponding author's email address.

Step 2. Fill out the Abstract Form

Enter the author(s) information, title and abstract text by either copying/pasting text from your word document or typing in the information

Step 3. Add Author

Add the information of other authors: title, name, affiliation, country, e-mail address, and presenting author.

Step 4. Save and Review Edit

Review to check the accuracy of all elements of the submitted abstract, including spelling errors and figures.

Step 5. Upload file of Full Paper or Extended Abstract

Upload your full paper or extended abstract in MS-Word with doc and docx.

Step 4. Submission Confirmation

Once the abstract is submitted, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the abstract submitter.

Abstract Modification or Withdrawal

  • Authors may further edit and modify the submitted full paper or extended abstract until the submission deadline. But once the acceptance is notified, no alterations to the content of the full paper or the extended abstract will be permitted.
  • If you want to withdraw a full paper or extended abstract already submitted after the submission deadline, please notify us as quickly as possible at stating the title and reference number of the full paper or the extended abstract to be withdrawn. Note that withdrawal is still possible after the submission deadline.


By submitting the full paper or the extended abstract, authors agree to the following terms:

  • Abstracts of all accepted full paper and extended abstract will be published in the form of an IAME 2022 USB drive or other.
  • The IAME Conference 2022 rightfully owns the copyright for all abstracts.
  • The presenting authors must attend the IAME Conference 2022.

Author(s) Information

  • One registration-One paper presentation rule: Each accepted paper must be registered with his/her appropriate registration fee by one of the paper’s authors.
  • The corresponding author must sign up for the system with the representative email and submit the full paper or the extended abstract. All review feedback will be forwarded to the corresponding author's email.


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More Information

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address:

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Full Papers/Extended Abstracts

The Conference Committee invites researchers, technicians and professionals to present technical papers for the working sessions to be held at the IAME Conference 2022, September 14-16, 2022 in Busan, Korea.

The main theme of the Conference is orientated towards ‘Impact of COVID-19 on the Maritime Industry: Challenges and Responses’, Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

A. Maritime Traffic Management, Operations, and Safety

  • A1. Maritime Traffic Theory and Modelling
  • A2. Intelligent Maritime Transport Systems
  • A3. Maritime Traffic Safety Analysis and Policy

B. Shipping Economics

  • B1. Economic Geography and International Trade
  • B2. Data Analytics
  • B3. Shipping Market Modelling, Forecasting and Analysis: Freight, Newbuilding, S&P, Demolition
  • B4. Maritime Transport System Analysis and Economic Evaluation
  • B5. Maritime Transport Pricing and Economic Regulation
  • B6. Passenger Shipping – Cruise and Ferry

C. Finance

  • C1. Modelling and Forecasting Risk in Freight Markets
  • C2. Financial Risk Management in Maritime Transportation
  • C3. Financing Investments in Maritime Transportation

D. Port Economics and Policy

  • D1. Ports and Economic Development
  • D2. Port Policy, Governance, Competitiveness & Competition
  • D3. Port Hinterlands and Networks
  • D4. Port Performance
  • D5. Maritime Clusters

E. Environment, Sustainability and Innovation 

  • E1. Environmental Impact of the Maritime Sector
  • E2. Green New Deal for the Maritime Sector
  • E3. Energy and Fuels
  • E4. Environmental Innovation in Shipping, Ports and Terminals
  • E5. Green Ports

F. Management Issues in the Maritime Industries 

  • F1. Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance in the Maritime Industries
  • F2. Human Resource Management
  • F3. Shipping Regulations and Compliance Requirements, Management and Organization

G. Safety & Security in Shipping and Operational Risk Management 

  • G1. Ship Safety, Accidents and Regulation
  • G2. Safety of Seafaring
  • G3. Resilience in Trade, Shipping, Ports and Terminals
  • G4. Risk Management in Logistics and Global Supply Chains

H. Freight Transport and Logistics

  • H1. Freight Traffic Theory and Modelling
  • H2. Intelligent Freight Transport Systems
  • H3. Freight Modal Shift
  • H4. Humanitarian Logistics

I. Smart Shipping and Smart Ports

  • I1. Smart Shipping
  • I2. Smart Ports
  • I3. Smart Logistics

J. Global Infrastructure

  • J1. Shipping Routes
  • J2. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
  • J3. Canals and Intermodal Corridors
  • J4. Arctic Shipping

K. Future Challenges

  • K1. Digitalization
  • K2. Green Shipping
  • K3. AI, 5G and Other Technological Advances

L. Others

The authors can find the Template here.

* Full Paper or Extended Abstract must be submitted online at our website ( Please note that abstracts submitted by fax, postal mail, or email will not be accepted.

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