Academic Session

A. Maritime Traffic Management, Operations, and Safety

  • A1. Maritime Traffic Theory and Modelling
  • A2. Intelligent Maritime Transport Systems
  • A3. Maritime Traffic Safety Analysis and Policy

B. Shipping Economics

  • B1. Economic Geography and International Trade
  • B2. Data Analytics
  • B3. Shipping Market Modelling, Forecasting and Analysis: Freight, Newbuilding, S&P, Demolition
  • B4. Maritime Transport System Analysis and Economic Evaluation
  • B5. Maritime Transport Pricing and Economic Regulation
  • B6. Passenger Shipping – Cruise and Ferry

C. Finance

  • C1. Modelling and Forecasting Risk in Freight Markets
  • C2. Financial Risk Management in Maritime Transportation
  • C3. Financing Investments in Maritime Transportation

D. Port Economics and Policy

  • D1. Ports and Economic Development
  • D2. Port Policy, Governance, Competitiveness & Competition
  • D3. Port Hinterlands and Networks
  • D4. Port Performance
  • D5. Maritime Clusters

E. Environment, Sustainability and Innovation 

  • E1. Environmental Impact of the Maritime Sector
  • E2. Green New Deal for the Maritime Sector
  • E3. Energy and Fuels
  • E4. Environmental Innovation in Shipping, Ports and Terminals
  • E5. Green Ports

F. Management Issues in the Maritime Industries 

  • F1. Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance in the Maritime Industries
  • F2. Human Resource Management
  • F3. Shipping Regulations and Compliance Requirements, Management and Organization

G. Safety & Security in Shipping and Operational Risk Management 

  • G1. Ship Safety, Accidents and Regulation
  • G2. Safety of Seafaring
  • G3. Resilience in Trade, Shipping, Ports and Terminals
  • G4. Risk Management in Logistics and Global Supply Chains

H. Freight Transport and Logistics

  • H1. Freight Traffic Theory and Modelling
  • H2. Intelligent Freight Transport Systems
  • H3. Freight Modal Shift
  • H4. Humanitarian Logistics

I. Smart Shipping and Smart Ports

  • I1. Smart Shipping
  • I2. Smart Ports
  • I3. Smart Logistics

J. Global Infrastructure

  • J1. Shipping Routes
  • J2. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)
  • J3. Canals and Intermodal Corridors
  • J4. Arctic Shipping

K. Future Challenges

  • K1. Digitalization
  • K2. Green Shipping
  • K3. AI, 5G and Other Technological Advances

L. Others

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